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1 on 1 

2 hours + Lab work

Face to face personal classes with an instructor. Either at your location or at the  instructors studio - (your choice). On Hands equipment Lab work. Handout of all meterial covered.

Group Classes (FULL)

1&1/2 hours + Lab work

Group Classes held at a local establishment. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED! Class listing is announced on social media (Facebook or instagram) and sent to all registered students. SIGN UP BELOW or Register HERE.

Group Classes (MINI)

45 Minutes (NO LAB)

1/4 of a standard class held at a local establishment. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED! Class listing is announced on social media (Facebook or instagram) and sent to all registered students. SIGN UP BELOW or Register HERE.

ONLINE 1 on 1 Classes

1&1/2 to 2 Hours (Online lab)

Face to face personal classes with an instructor done online. You NEED a webcam. Class dates are arranged to meet your schedule. Online Lab work. Handout of all meterial covered.

Online Group Classes

1 hour to 1&1/2 hours (NO Lab work)

Group Classes held Online. Handout of all material covered. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED! Class listing is announced on social media (Facebook or instagram) and sent to all registered students. SIGN UP BELOW or Register HERE.


45 min to 1 hour (NO LAB)

Online webinar.  Handout of all material covered. YOU MUST BE REGISTERED! Webinar listing is announced on social media (Facebook or instagram) and sent to all registered students.


Wedding/Party Course Textbook

Textbook Manual ONLY

Classes 1 thru 5 of The Wedding/Party certification course in a printed textbook with listing of hundreds of Games, activities, line dances, trivia, and song lists. This book is given FREE to all students in the Wedding party course. CLICK HERE


Save money by combining classes into a single course.

Wedding/Party Cretification Course

Classes 1 through 5

A 5 class sourse specifically designed around how to do all types of parties especially Weddings and Bar/Bat Mitzvahs. Equipment setup, microphone technique, games, activities, trivia, and line dances are covered as well. Must be PREPAID!

Beginners Mixing & Scratching

Classes 6 - 7 - 8

A 3 class course designed to thech you the basics of how to mix, cut, sample, and scratch. We also introduce you to song editing and music production in class 3. Must be PREPAID!

Editing Music

Classes 9 - 10

Learn how to edit a song with free on line popular software that is available and we will touch upon other editing programs as well. You will also learn how to edit and mix multiple songs together. We will also introduce you to music production and creating your own music.

DJ Class Curriculum

Introduction  (Free Seminar)      

  • Personality

  • Positive Attitude, commit to being professional

  • Psychology of a party

  • Professionalism

  • Confidence = Competence

Class 1

  • Music programming and selection

  • Arranging your music

  • Music programming

  • Mixing Music & Beat Mixing (overview)

  • Microphone Technique

  • Opening announcements

  • Equipment overview (set up & troubleshooting)

  • Learn 3 party Dances

  • Hands on Equipment training

Class 2

  • Appearance

  • Arrival and Set-up

  • Preparing your music

  • Focusing on Weddings

  • Order of events

  • Bridal party introductions

  • Blessing/Grace and Toasts

  • Dinner announcements

  • Introduction songs

  • Learn 4 party dances

  • Hands on Equipment training

Class 3

  • Focusing on Weddings and other events

  • Cake Cutting

  • Garter and Bouquet

  • Dollar Dance

  • Closing

  • After the party

  • Dealing with Banquet manager or Caterer

  • Dealing with the Photographer & Videographer

  • Wedding Game Ideas

  • Phone call to client

  • Party Dances & Activities

  • Party Favors

  • Party dance positioning

  • Ways to open the dance floor

  • Performing at ALL types of events/parties

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah overview Prepare for Class 4

  • Learn 3 party dances

  • Hands on Equipment training

Class 4

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs order & timeline

  • Opening introductions

  • Candle lighting ceremony introductions

  • Kid & Teen Birthday Parties

  • Sweet 16

  • Grade/High School & College Dances

  • Campgrounds, pool parties, & Picnics

  • The Digital DJ

  • Computers Hard drives MP3s

  • Midi Controllers & Turntables

  • Learn 4 party dances

  • Hands on Equipment training

Class 5

  • Holiday Parties

  • Holiday Party ideas

  • Holiday Games, Activities, & Props needed

  • Holiday Trivia

  • Sales - (selling yourself)

  • Yearly Equipment Check

  • Troubleshooting

  • DJ Emergency Bag

  • Insurance

  • Learn 3 Party dances

  • Hands on Equipment training

Class 6 - 7 - 8

  • Blending Music

  • Beat Mixing Music

  • Sampling

  • Cutting and scratching The Basics

  • Key matching

  • Introduction to music editing

  • Introduction to Music production

Class 9 -10

  • Editing Music

  • Different editing programs

  • How to edit a song

  • How to edit multiple songs to create a mix

  • Editing Vs. production

Class 11 -12

  • Producing and creating music

  • Different production programs

  • How to create a beat

  • How a song is laid out

  • Adding instruments

  • Advanced editing

Class 13 -14 -15

  • Advanced Cutting and Mixing

  • Advanced Blending

  • Advanced Scratching

  • Turntable Mixing & Scratching

  • Controller Mixing & Scratching

Class 16

  • Social Media & Promotion

  • S.E.O.

  • Getting Sponsored

  • Becoming an influencer

  • Your Website and how to create it

  • Getting Promotional Pictures & Videos

  • Podcasting​


Free Seminars held at The International DJ Cafe SJ Chapter





  • How to do Party Dances

  • Equipment and Speakers

  • Q & A sessions

  • Insurance for your business

  • Suggested song lists for all events

  • Formal dance suggestions

  • Games and contests

  • Networking

  • Social Media and your DJ business

  • Uitilizing Google to benefit from all its features.

Check out our blog for more tips and tricks on how to be a GREAT DJ and a better Entertainer!




Videography Classes



  • Equipement overview

  • Appearance and interactions

  • Psychology of events

  • Professionalism

  • Confidence = Competence


Class 1


  • The basics

  • Behavior

  • Goals

  • Client call

  • Expectations

  • Storyboarding

  • Back ups


Class 2


  • Storyboard / Techniques

  • In-camera format (vs) Gorilla format (Pros & Cons)

  • On location

  • Events procedure

  • Working with timelines

  • Audience participation

  • Personal philosophy / Client expectation

  • Intro to Weddings


Class 3



  • Weddings (similarities / uniqueness)

  • Structure of the day

  • Lighting concepts

  • Ceremony scene selection and execution

  • Preparation Locations (bride and groom)

  • Ceremonies (all types)

Class 4


  • Sample footage review

  • Wedding ceremony approach

  • Content structure review plan

  • Ceremony definition

  • After ceremony coverage discussion

  • Formal exiting and formalities

  • Photo session outlines

  • Interaction (vs) Stealth

  • Simulation footage review


Class 5


  • Shooting Philosophy (review content structure)

  • Reception and approaches

  • Cocktail timeframe

  • Reception guidelines and storyboard review

  • Interaction with the “TEAM”

  • Reception scene selection and execution

  • Working with timelines

  • Simulation footage review


Class 6


  • Sample footage review

  • Reception time management

  • Audience participation

  • Scenario explanations of a reception

  • Working with timelines

  • Whining down / Ending

  • Simulation footage review


Class 7


  • Storyboard breakdown

  • Client interaction / preparation of storyboard

  • Delivery of expectation

  • Simulation footage review

  • After product formats

  • Sample outline

  • In market placement

  • Intro to delivery (editing options)


Class 8


  • Outline of editing philosophy

  • Editing software options (Pros & Cons)

  • Visual and audio expectations

  • Market variations

  • Setting a precedence

  • Marketing variations

  • “Putting it all together”.


Class 9


  • Introduction to editing

  • Guidelines of storyboard usage

  • Industry rules and regulations

  • Discussion on effects

  • Delivery and presentation


Class 10


  • Simulation footage review

  • Registration and discussion for next level interest (Event Broadcasting Seminars)

  • Recap and review, “What’s Next”...

Photography Classes

Inquire below about our ever evolving professional photography classes.

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